About Us

FormGenie Horseracing Analysis and Selection Software is developed and licensed by Retrospection Software Ltd. (UK registration 5758792). Our registered office is:

1 Redwood, Orton Longueville, Peterborough PE2 7DU

Tel. 0800 2425221 (free calls)

We are a small team of highly dedicated and motivated individuals who have been brought together through a mutual passion for computer programming and horseracing. Having operated as a partnership working on several innovative products since 1998, we decided to incorporate Retrospection Software Ltd in 2006 and concentrate on a few core products close to our hearts. We have developed office assistant type utilities including products that successfully and efficiently deal with Self Assessment, Personal Accounting and Asset Management.

Our primary product is FormGenie, our coveted and highly acclaimed Horseracing Software. Starting life way back in in 1986 as "Eliminator", it's first head programmer left the project after a short while to become a co-founder of Pipex (later bought by global multinational Viacom). Although, the original heart of the program was ripped out, the belief in the concept of highly efficient and profitable horserace analysis and forecasting was still very much alive and a select team of specialists was harnessed to produce what has now become, through integrity and expertise, a recognised category leader.FormGenie: INTELLIGENT DESIGN : NATURAL SELECTIONS:/p>

You will find us approachable and honest, and we're happy to talk with you about our selection results and profit and loss reports we update daily. Why not download our demo today? FormGenie Demo.

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