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About the FormGenie Power User blog

Below is a blog of Power User Mode Results results as forecasted by FormGenie and is updated daily. Although every race is analysed, typically in Power Mode only 0-6 races per day are deemed strong enough bets to make it to Power User mode. Our advised strategy is either backing the Top Rated only each way if odds 5/1 or better) or A level stake best on the Top Rated AND Dutch selection. This could mean 1-3 selections per race (4 if 15+ runners). Please note that this blog isn't to promote the Ratings Program per se, but to serve as a tool for our existing subscribers that choose the Power User Mode to ensure they are maximising profit by noting which bookmakers (excluding Betfair) offered the best odds on selections.

We have sophisticated methods of recording market fluctuations with 9 major bookmakers (although we display Betfair odds on the selections page we actually exclude them from all of our reports due to the place market variance and the possibility of inflated odds to small stakes that could distort our stats and may appear misleading). Where possible, we have displayed the best odds Nnote: all subscribers get the same selections, but the ratings file is released at varying times (now from 8.30PM the night before racing for Gold annual subscribers). It is important to realise that over 80% of FormGenie selections shorten throughout the day and will often start considerably shorter. The ability to pre-empt the market is vital for long term successful betting and that's what FormGenie does better than any other ratings service.

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