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    Quick note first: When you click through to this demo you will be asked to enter a username and password. Please use guest and demo respectively. Go to Web Browser Version.

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    • For All PCs/Macs Tablets and Smart Phones
    • Please note UK Racing Only

    Selections are unambiguous and displayed in just a few seconds with an incredible strike rate of Top-Rated and Dutching. So easy to use and yet so impressive. Access the demo today and try for yourself.

    More Info About FormGenie

    FormGenie - What, How and Why - download - PDF explaining why FormGenie is so good.

    Today's FormGenie-Bot User Profit (Dutch Recovery Mode):
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    Proofed To The
    We have been proofing our selections every day to the Racing Post since 2015. As such, we are able to supply you conclusive proof of our results on request. NOTE: Ratings are now from 6.30am to Gold Monthly and 8.30pm the night before to Gold Annual subscribers.

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