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FormGenie Horseracing Prediction Software began life in 2006.  This incredible Horse Race Tipping program's output is available via any web browser on a PC, MAC and smart phone. Using AI, the computer program predicts winners of horse racing with remarkable accuracy with the top-rated winning over 40% of races*. An impressive 53% of races are won by the FormGenie top 3 rated. A multitude of vital factors are analysed as the intelligent algorithms generate unique speed figures and form-ratings (handicap-ratings). Race tips are displayed in a simple and unambiguous way. FormGenie offers you:

The best level stakes profit & strike rate available

FormGenie consistently provides the best level stakes profit (see our 365 day results from the results tab) and strike-rate available from any Horse Racing Software, Betting Software or Racing Tipping Service we know to be available. FormGenie analyses every UK and Irish race horse and horse race far more quickly, thoroughly and accurately than is humanly possible. Using cognitive and extensive knowledge systems (AI) that shape the brain of the Horse Racing Software, the strike rates achieved are the best we know of anywhere.

No manual data entry

Seamless daily updates mean no manual data entry or download is required - just a browser refresh. The Top-Rated and Dutch selections are unambiguous and clearly labelled. Just login to view today's or tomorrow's horseracing tips for every race in the UK and Ireland.

The best horse racing prediction program

Since 2006 a team of programmers and racing fans continue to contribute to produce a remarkable piece of horse racing tipping software that achieves stunning results across all types of UK and Irish horse racing (Jumps, Flat and All weather racing). Our original enthusiasm has continued as we constantly try to eek out more improvement to our already impressive strike rates. So whilst FormGenie can be a set-and-forget application in your quest to find more winners, you can be sure that behind the scenes, the FormGenie boffins are striving on all our behalf to find an extra percentage point here and there to maintain its position as the best horse race ratings program there is.

Two Client Types - Regular and Bot Users

FormGenie users are either Regular Users hat login to the website via any device (no additional software required) or Betfair Bot Users who choose to utilise the powerful FormGenie Betfair Bot (an app downloaded to a PC or MAC) to automate bet placement, deploy complicated strategies whilst simplifying the whole process via a seamless connection to Betfair (upgrade to Gold is required for access to the FormGenie-Bot).

Two Ratings Types - Regular and Steamers

FormGenie users can use our amazing REGULAR RATINGS available on all races to all subscribers and form the basis of our published profit & loss results. Alternatively, users may access our stunning STEAMER RATINGS for even more winners. These are actually our regular ratings that are adjusted using market-intelligence. They are a hybrid of our solid regular ratings (which are output at 8:30pm the night before) and market intel, providing an even higher strike rate and profit. Steamers are only available to our Day Pass and annual members. Note: Steamer ratings are available from 11:00am due to analysing overnight and morning market activity.

* Using Seamers Mode (win-place)

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