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Anyone can download the FormGenie-Bot to check compatibilty with your system (I.e make sure it can be installed and it loads/runs), but before you can use it you will need an unlock code and you must also be a FormGenie subscriber with an active subscription to Gold Annual / Gold Monthly or the Weekender (annual edition). You will also need a Betfair account. 
One Day Trial users demo on request email steve (a-t)

Read this first if you are updating to the latest version

NEW FEATURES VERSION 7.0.0 (Released 18 June 2024)

  • NEAREST DANGER for Single Qualifying Selections: Previously only worked with multiple (Dutch ) selections, but now the Bot can be set to only place a bet if the neareast market rival to a single selction is trading at a set parameter/multiple of the FormGenie selection's odds. Greatly improving winner strike rates.
  • PAUSE 'PROVISIONAL RESULTS': Previously, when activated we currently pause the “provisional result” when we are approaching our desired daily profit. However, this can sometimes be unwelcome when waiting for the official result to register so now this feature is optional. A check box to “Pause for official result when target about to be hit” has been added. 
  • COSMETICS Various tweaks to lables and colour codes for p/l reports. 
  • INCREASED CREATE/SAVE PROFILES: Users can now create up to 30 profiles. 
  • PERFORMANCE: Improvement to CPU demand and RAM usage. 

Download Links

Updating may delete your previous default settings (be sure to save them or take a screen shot if you want to keep them).
To see/use your old settings you need to make a copy of the xml files that are in the 'FGBOTprofiles' on your desktop. Or simply rename the FGBOTprofiles folder. Then when you've uninstalled the old and installed the new bot, a new folder will be created. Simply copy the xml contents from the old to the new and use the 'Import Local' settings. This way you will be able to run your old settings. Be sure NOT to import settings from the website as this will overwrite them.

Select the correct download link for your OS from the links below. Save to your download folder. Navigate to the downloaded Zip file and extract. Then click 'FGBOT' application.

Use the links below too if your version of FormGenie-Bot has notified you of an available update. This update requires you uninstall the previous version first. 

Close down FORMGENIE-BOT before installing new version.

FormGenie-Bot for PC version 7.0.0 Download here
(This zipped exe installer will install the appropriate 32bit or 64bit version of FormGenie-Bot for your PC).

FormGenie-Bot for MAC version 7.0.0 Download here
(A zipped .app file for Mac). System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or later.Java 1.7.x.

NOTE: On some Macs, when you try to run the Installer you may receive a message, similar to ' is damaged and can't be opened'. In fact the Installer is perfectly ok but, because it was not downloaded from the Mac appStore the Mac doesn't recognize it. There are details of how to circumvent this problem here

Alternatively, you should be able to run FormGenie-Bot from it's .jar file. Details of how to download and run the .jar file are below, under 'Linux'.

FormGenie-Bot for Linux version 7.0.0 Download here
(a zipped jar file along with other associated jars, which you will have to install manually depending on your Linux version and setup).

We don't know much about Linux, but it can be done! The general idea appears to be: Download the .zip, Unzip it, Navigate to wherever you've unzipped it to, Click on FGBOT.jar.


NEW FEATURES VERSION 6.0.0 (Released 21 DECEMBER  2023)

  • MUST INCLUDE HOT: If Steamers are selected and this box is ticked at least 1 selection must be rated as HOT or race is omitted.
  • DUTCH RUNNER EXCLUDED IF BELOW MIN ODDS: Instead of omitting race, bot will simply exclude the runner that falls below set price (see row 6).
  • PLACE ONLY BETS: Bot will now submit pl'ace only' bets without having to place a Win bet (see row 4)
  • COSMETICS Various tweaks to lables and colour codes for p/l reports. 
  • INCREASED STABILTY Various tweaks memory handling to eliminate/minimise crashes.

NEW FEATURES VERSION 5.2.0 (Release 13 MARCH 2021)
  • NEAREST DANGER: User has option to exclude races based on how short the nearest danger is trading. This feature will exclude the race if there is a runner that is not a selection, but is trading at dangerous odds in relation to the coupled odds of the qualifying selections. 
  • HOT ONLY RECOVERY User can choose HOT horses only (based on Steamers) for selection.

NEW FEATURES VERSION 5.1.0 (Released 17th June 2020)

  • DUTCH RECOVERY THRESHOLD: User has option to delay Dutch Recovery until predetermined loss reached using new parameter 'Dutch Recovery Threshold' (row 10)
  • PHASED MAX LIABILITY User can choose to increase Max Liability (stake) in phases using new parameter 'Phased' (row 2). This allows the Bot to operate at lower staking levels more of the time, but have headroom to increase when required.

NEW FEATURES VERSION 5.0.0 (Released 23rd Sept 2019)

  • VSP WILL DISABLE PROVISIONAL RESULTS: If Variable Stop Profit and Use Provisional Results are deployed and the next race could meet the session's desired profit with a win, the Bot will temporarily disable the feature until the race result is known. This is to avoid playing extra races unnecessarily. The next day's auto-load will revert to Use Provisional Results.
  • VSP FIGURE WILL DECREASE IF PROVISIONAL RESULTS NOT CHECKED: If Variable Stop Profit is deployed and Use Provisional Results is unchecked the bot will reduce this figure by 20%. This is because fewer races are likely to be played as the bot waits for official results.
  • PROMOTE IF RUNNER EXCLUDED BY "COLD" STATUS: The Bot will now promote the next ranked horse when a COLD horse has been excluded as long as it meets the Min/Max Back parameters.
  • LAY COLD HORSES: The Bot can now Lay Top/Dutch horses if they are COLD.
  • 60% STAKE REDUCTION TARGET ADJUSTMENT: Instead of omitting the race completely, the Bot will now aim to win the default target if the Max Liability does not allow for a full/partial recovery.
  • CHANGE TO PROFILE 18: This profile makes use of the above features and has increased Dutch Target to £20 and bank to £950.

NEW FEATURES VERSION 3.0.3 (Released 14th March 2019)

  • VARIABLE STOP PROFIT: Now you can have the Bot intelligently decide a Stop Profit figure each day to maximise returns.
  • CAPPING STAKES REDUCTION: The Bot now has a maximum Stakes Reduction of 60%. This means the Bot is governed by the Max Liability stake, but will only place the bet/s if the stake does not have to be reduced by more than 60% to return a profit.
  • BACK SINGLE QUALIFIER: Now if there is only one Top/Dutch qualifier the Bot will ignore the Max Coupled Price and submit a bet on the sole qualifier.
  • LINK MIN COUPLED PRICE: This replaces the option to specify "3rd shortest odds must be >4" and is now called ""Link MinCoupled Price to Target". It works by linking the MinCoupled Odds the bot will accept to the size of the current target. If the 3rd horse's odds are too short then the Bot will only place stakes on the other 2 selections. This keeps stakes lower. See manual > "Parameters: Row 10" for more detail.

NEW FEATURES VERSION 3.0.2 (Released 1st January 2019)

  • COLD STEAMER CLASS option to check Back Single Qualifier. This allows the Bot to place a single Win Bet to recover if the other qualifiers are excluded due to COLD status.

    NEW FEATURES VERSION 3.0.1 (Released 21:30 17 Sept 2018)

    NEW FEATURES VERSION 3.0.0 (Released 18:30 07 Aug 2018 ) IMPORTANT: If you use Dutch recovery settings and have Plus 1 If Los Seq set to anything but Off you need to read the revised Max Target Multiple section in the manual Row 10 as this will have a significant impact.

    • Irish Races: Users can now choose to include Irish races. Users are advised to set Min time between races to 5 Minutes to avoid overlapping off times.
    • Steamer Class added: This is a guide to the strength / weakness of overnight market support. Users can include or exclude via Hot/Warm/Cold selections.
    • Target Multiple: Users can now set this to Zero which means resetting the Dutch recovery loss to the original Dutch Target based on a multiples. This is preferable to choosing a fixed number of losers before resetting.
    • Suspend Until Market Settled: By leaving Use Provisional Results unchecked the Bot will pause until the latest market played has been settled. This can be useful to avoid duplicating recovery amounts and doubling liabilities unnecessarily. However, this means there is the potential to omit the next race or several races if there is a lengthy Steward's enquiry. This can be manually over-ridden by clicking Reset Target. For instance if watching racing and you know for sure the result wont be overturned thus allowing the bot to progress safely to the next race.
    • Stop Profit: This value now relates to Daily profit and not Session profit. It's relevance is apparent when using the AutoLoad settings.
    • New Settings Uploaded: Profile #18 is now available: Dutch Recovery High Target Bank Ratio. Designed to yield a higher return with an expectation to blow bank periodically.

      NEW FEATURES V2.2.9 (Released 11.00 23 May 2018)

      • AutoLoad: Users can now choose set the Bot to automatically reload at the start of the day without having to close down/restart.
      • Hybrid Ratings Available: Users can instruct the bot to use Regular FormGenie Ratings or FormGenie Steamer Selections (a hybrid of FormGenie's originally calculated ratings that have been manipulated by an algorithm based on overnight/early morning market activity). This results in a higher strike rate (but at lower odds).
      • Changes to Max Target Multiple Adjusting Max Target Multiple will trigger the reduction in the number of Dutch selections bet on when the recovery target exceeds this figure (see parameters in help menu for more details).
        • Top Rated Recovery Plan: Users can now set the Bot to recover using just the Top Rated only thus reducing bank requirements considerably (though less profitable). You should now find that if you use the Dutching Routines with Dutch Qualifiers set to 1, the Bot will behave the same as it would with higher Dutch Qualifiers in respect of Recovery Settings.
        • Insurance: Users can back the Top Rated and insurance on specified number of Dutch runners. This means the stake is recovered if the Dutch runners win. A recovery plan can be invoked
        • Intelli-Stake: Bot will adjust stakes on Top Rated and insurance runners based on market intelligence and the improved/decreased chance of selections.
        • New sample settings added for Top Rated Only Recovery and Insurance betting.

          BUG FIX V2.2.8 (Released NOON 12 March 2018)


          NEW FEATURES V2.2.7 (Released 02 March 2018)

          • Improved Profile Import method and labelling.
          • When invoking Plus 1 after stipluated losing sequence, bot will continue to add 1 extra selection until current recovery target is less than Max Target setting.
          • Booster feature will now only be activated when the current Losing Sequence is less than 4.

            NEW FEATURES V2.2.6 (Released 03 Feb 2018)

            • Users can now set the Bot to recover using just 2 qualifiers and then invoke Plus 1 after stipulated losing sequence.
            • Users can now easily import profiles direct from FormGenie website
            • Booster feature reduced to adding 2 x target (instead of 3 x target). This keeps stakes lower..

              NEW FEATURES V2.2.5 (Released 20 Dec 2017)

              • Bot now submits bets below £2.00 (as long as potential return >£10).
              • You can now set the Bot to reduce the recovery target by values between 50% and 80%.
              • Dynamic Min Coupled Odds now only increases Min Coupled odds and not Min Dutch Odds in a losing sequence.
              • You can now set the Bot to insist that when backing 3 or more selections, the 3rd shortest priced horse must be above 4 (3/1). If it is not then only the 2 shortest horses will be backed.

                NEW FEATURES V2.2.4 (Released 1 Dec 2017)

                • Bot will no longer skip race if MaxLiability is exceeded and instead the recovery target will be reduced in accordance with Max Liability Stake.
                • Bot will prevent users launching multiple tabs to avoid the unintended duplicating of bets.

                  NEW FEATURES V2.2.3 (Released 31 Oct 2017)

                  • Bot will now only 'End On A High' if session is not in loss.

                    NEW FEATURES V2.2.3 (Released 25 Oct 2017)

                    • Bot will now skip race if MaxLiability is exceeded to avoid loss-making return on event.
                      • Bot can end the day on a high by stopping on a winner according to # races left today
                      • Plus 1: Bot can add another Dutch selection based on losing sequence and #runners
                      • Can now set Bot to reduce recovery target by 50% based on Target Multiple
                      • Booster: Bot can increase the Target for specific races where market indicates very high chance of success
                      • 50% Override option to reduce target by 50% if MinCoupled Price exceeds min requirement during a losing sequence. So instead of voiding the race out the Bot will attempt to recover half
                      • 50% Override option to reduce target by 50% if odds are < 2.0 and user has selected min odds below 2.0 and losing sequence > 1. So instead of voiding the race because the odds are too short the Bot will now attempt to recover half.


FormGenie-Bot is a proprietary piece of software security approved for use by Betfair.

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