Understanding FormGenie

What Is FormGenie?

FormGenie is a computer program that calculates proprietary Form and Speed Ratings for every UK and Irish horserace and combines them into one contextual master rating per runner. These ratings are easily accessed by clicking View Selections on the main navigation bar. The FormGenie Master Rating is used to forecast the most likely outcome of each race with remarkable consistency. Every runner has numerous variables and consequential factors to evaluate and only a computer program can be relied upon to perform such calculations with the required speed and impartiality. FormGenie can either be a complete replacement for your own form-study and selection method or an invaluable supporting tool to help you find the edge that can make your betting pay.

- A TRIED AND TESTED APPLICATION (our first paying subscriber joined 17 years ago in 2006 and our longest subscriber has recently renewed for the 9th year in a row) - A REGULAR SOURCE OF WINNERS whether betting Win/EW Singles or Dutching (all proofed to RacingPost.com)
- A REGULAR SOURCE OF POOR VALUE LAYS (When using the FormGenie-Bot)

What Strike Rates to Expect:

In a dataset of 1,000 races you can expect a 33+% strike rate of winning and each way single bets from even the weakest User Mode (Extreme). At best prices this is sure to give you a significant return on investment at level stakes. Power User mode (the strongest selections) will be closer to 40%.

LOSING RUNS! A sad fact of life. However, FormGenie is not emotionally attached to the proven selection process so the computerised selections will put you in profit in the long run. You have to keep the faith during these runs. It’s not unthinkable to experience 10 top rated consecutive losers in Extreme mode (no filter applied).

75% of FormGenie selections will start shorter than their best prices. Not only does this underline the importance of taking the best price available where possible, but also presents many trading situations.

What you MUST do to get the most from your subscription

(This relates to regular users and not FormGenie-Bot users).

Have a Betting Bank: You must have funds set aside to keep your betting finances separate from your day to day living. Your bank should be 100 x Your stake if you intend to use Extreme Mode (every race) Top Rated Only (40 x for Power User). Or 150 x your stake if you intend to use Extreme Mode Dutching (100 x for Power User). Setting aside a sufficient bank you've is imperative in managing your betting both from a logistical perspective and the psychological aspect. This is not to be underestimated.

Open Accounts with every online bookmaker featured on our Odds Comparison Grid (accessed below each race). This is absolutely vital (unless you using our Bot or are laying only, in which case an account with BetFair is required). The reason you must have accounts with every bookmaker we list is so you have access to the best prices available. This is the only way you can make betting pay since no selection method other than recovery plans can make a profit at industry SP. The difference in prices on offer can be astronomical. It is not uncommon to see a 4 point difference across the boards (excluding Betfair which can often be a lot higher on outsiders).

Upon starting FormGenie you will be presented with the My FormGenie Homepage. From here you will be able to access all the features of FormGenie whilst instantly getting the vital info on the day’s action. As well as useful headlines in the Racing News panel, vital Weather Information relating to today’s race meetings you can access FormGenie ratings. It’s as simple as that.

Viewing Today’s Selections

The View Selections screen is naturally the most important reference point for you and should be the 1st destination from the FormGenie Home page. To view today's selections simply click the “View Selections” icon in the navigation bar. Whether you are planning to back the top-rated runner as a single bet, or want to Dutch the Top 2, 3 or 4 runners or prefer to lay the info is all here in an easy to read display (note Lay selections are dynamic and based on odds available and the horse cannot be Top or Dutch rated).

Weather Icon and Going Descriptions

The going is of paramount importance and change in the imported going can result in revised selections. The weather icon is there to reassure and at times warn you if there is a possibility of a change to the forecast going description that was imported with you FormGenie decs file. If the need arises to change the going description you can do this simply by selecting the revised going from the dropdown list. FormGenie will display a new set of selections for the race (as oposed to the entire race meeting) in accordance with the revised underfoot conditions. In these cases you may need to revise your original bet or place a saver on a new selection.

Compare Odds

The FormGenie Odds Comparison Grid (below each race) is a quick and easy means to link to the major bookmakers (we now show Betfair odds - but do not include them in our reports). The best way to make consistent long term profits from FormGenie is to back at the best prices available as often as possible. This sounds obvious, but this statement should NOT be underestimated. FormGenie selections are invariably very well supported. Unless you are using FormGenie-Bot and its' various recovery plans, it is absolutely paramount that you have accounts will ALL the bookmakers listed in the odds comparison table. The prices on offer can vary enormously. At the time of writing this I have just seen a typical race where one bookmaker is 4 points higher than the shortest price available. Should this horse win and you took the bigger price this represents the same as 4 extra winners at evens! If you prefer to only use Betfair, then you may be interested in the FormGenie-Bot with seamless integration with FormGenie ratings in a Set, Bet and Forget environment. Note the Best Odds recorded are those that were available to Gold subscribers from 8:30 the night before racing. You can verify our claims and see the history of odds movements by looking at Oddscher. 

What FormGenie is NOT:

A CRYSTAL BALL: FormGenie does not know the future. Even though the program uses a systematic approach to analysing every race, the program will make sound and incredibly informed forecasst that baring accidents, human error, bad luck or factors that were simply unknown or unavailable prior to analysis, will result in a constant stream of correct predictions with a strike rate versus odds ratio that will achieve long term profits.

A MAGIC BULLET: A FormGenie subscription alone will not make you a better gambler - you may still need to acquire discipline. However, the fact you are paying for this invaluable tool should help you to focus and respect that if a highly sophisticated, analytical and systematic appraisal of a horse race cannot find an edge then the race is best left alone for betting purposes. In other words, unless you are privy to some inside information that clearly FormGenie is not (first hand from connections of the horse - VERY rare), then you should only concentrate your betting on FormGenie selections. This applies whether Laying, Dutching or Backing single selections. Trusting FormGenie and discipline is absolutely key to success.

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