FormGenie - What, How and Why

FormGenie: What is it?

FormGenie is a horserace tipping computer program that calculates and combines proprietary Form and Speed Ratings for every UK horserace into one contextual master rating.  These tips are presented to subscribers via any web browser used by PCs, MACs and Smartphones. The FormGenie Master Rating (Tip) is used to forecast the most likely outcome of each race with remarkably consistent and impressive accuracy. Every runner has numerous variables and highly consequential factors to evaluate and only a computer program using AI can be relied on to perform calculations with the required speed and impartiality. FormGenie can either be a complete replacement for your own form-study and selection method or an invaluable supporting tool to help you find the edge that can make your betting pay.

Intelligently designed by passionate racing experts and skilled software professionals, FormGenie is available to you today behind a pay wall as an 'instant-access browser app' for all Smartphones, Tablets and Macs PCs. An intuitive interface means that even the most technophobic users quickly familiarise themselves with the array of features to make betting on horses simple, fast and most importantly, profitable!

FormGenie is ready to use immediately. A username and password gives you access on all web enabled devices. The live Odds Comparison utility features a comprehensive grid of prices that will tell you at a glance which of the one-click-away bookmakers is offering the best prices on FormGenie's selections. This means you don't have to waste time trawling the web potentially missing the best prices available.

Why Does It Work?

FormGenie works for two reasons: Firstly, horseracing is predictable; it's just a question as to what degree. Unlike the lottery or roulette when random picks or the spin of a wheel can be one's only strategy, horseracing offers the player a spectrum of calculable variables that undeniably conspire to influence the outcome of a race. A staggering 30% of all flat races are won by the SP Favourite and this correlation between betting position and finishing position proves beyond argument that a strong element of predictability exists. However, the markets are so sophisticated now that simply backing all these favourites at SP will end in a big loss for you. The winning punters will be on the favourite before the markets have even determined which runner should be the favourite. This is where FormGenie excels. Just watch our live results (we publish within minutes of each race finishing) and you will see how often subscribers can beat the market before the 'wisdom of the crowd' has caught us up.

Secondly, FormGenie's architects have used recent advances in technology to study over one million individual race-runs to ascertain which factors should be considered the most important in any given scenario. For example (and there are hundreds), which racecourses favour those runners with higher Speed Ratings as opposed to the highest Form Ratings and whether this changes according to the going or the field size. Under what conditions the weight carried by horses is the most decisive. Which of the countless jockey/trainer/horse-type combinations to avoid or support. There are so many imponderables with some surprising conclusions that have been exposed by FormGenie and incorporated into the software's constantly evolving algorithms.

Although most attributes of a horserace that should be considered are readily available, the fact is that without a specifically designed computer program like FormGenie, it is impossible to study in full the 11,000+ horse races in the UK/Ireland each year. It is quite astounding that those who bet without using similar expert systems feel they can allocate the time required for adequate and objective form-study. It is impossible.

Track Record & Previous Horseracing Software Results

Picking horses to win or lose is mentally draining and this is the number one reason so many punters fail to make long term profits. FormGenie effortlessly analyses a full days racing in a matter of seconds, impartially, expertly and accurately. The only way to ensure the validity of any system or selection method is to take a long term retrospective. Naturally, the necessary extent of this hindsight is subjective, but we feel confident that quoting results from our last 11,000+ races covering the most recent 365 days is sensible practice in that it holds sufficient records to smooth out both the inevitable short-term peaks of exceptional results and the obligatory interim runs of unexpected outcomes. This allows for realistic evaluation and client expectation.

  • All selections are unambiguous, ranked in ratings order and are clearly marked as top or Dutch rated
  • All selections are available to all subscribers (it's just the time they get them that differs)


View up to date annual results for each user mode backing Top Rated Selection Only or Dutching (Strike Rates - updated daily on website)

View today's results so far for each user mode backing Top Rated Selection Only or Dutching

View results for Power User only as a daily blog for each user mode backing Top Rated Selection Only or Dutching


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FormGenie is available in four classes of subscriptions: Day Pass, Weekender, Bronze, Silver and Gold. All licence grades receive exactly the same selections - the main difference is the time the ratings are released to subscribers. All annual members have access to STEAMERS (a hybrid set of ratings manipulate by market forces) Silver & Gold Annual subscribers get ratings from 8.30PM the night before racing. Gold Annual subscribers also have access to FormGenie-Bot. Purchasing is via major credit/debit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.

Each subscription class has full access to all User Modes (filters). From the Extreme User Mode, which displays FormGenie rankings for every race regardless of the forecast odds, to the default Super User Mode where only races that FormGenie considers there to be an edge are shown and returns a consistent annual profit in excess of £100K (backing top rated only to £100).

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Read our extensive FAQ section with answer to questions such as “If FormGenie is so good, why do you need to sell it?”

Take a few minutes to look through our results to see the regularity of winners, odds and importantly the proportion of winners who's SP is much shorter than the early odds available. Obtaining the biggest price on your winning selection more often than not is absolutely key to successful betting and without FormGenie such regular occurrence would be impossible. FormGenie is the perfect choice for enthusiasts, semi-pros and professionals who take betting on horses seriously. Buy Now

By removing the emotion from gambling and making racing selections purely based on merit, optimum conditions and of course value odds, FormGenie subscribers are able to enjoy a massive betting profit for each term of their membership.

Please note: We are NOT a horseracing tipping service with inside information. We don't believe in it. It's common sense that inside information is exactly that. "Inside" information. We acknowledge some spectacular gambles are landed with inside knowledge, but these are extremely rare and such info is naturally only privy to a privileged few. It is not the way to make a consistent profit from betting on horses. There is only one way. Computerised Racing Selections. FormGenie! Try it free today.

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