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The results of FormGenietips & predictions featured on our home page are updated usually between 1-00PM and 9-00PM. It is an automated process, so on rare occasions there may be a discrepancy with either Best Odds, SP, Non-Runners or amended Finishing Positions. However, this is rare and when possible we will endeavor to correct or alert visitors to the issues. Some important things to understand: as yet we don’t include any R4 deductions should they apply. The reason is simply a limitation of the fast results data we receive and is not designed to inflate P&L figures or strike rates.

To clarify our RESULTS Strike Rates and any perceived anomalies :
- If we have 10 results in so far consisting for example of 4 Top-Rated winners and 1 placed Top Rated horse (the placed horse having best odds => 5/1) we would record this as a 50% strike rate as opposed to 40%. If the placed horse did not trade at 5/1 then we would record this as 40%.

  • ALL races are included which means Extreme Mode (no filters applied - excpet where we highlight STEAMERS in red).

  • The Top Rated Strike Rate excludes Top Rated selections that become non runners (2nd rated are not promoted to Top Rated for the purpose of our live results or published P&L reports)

  • Losers ARE included. Although not listed in coloured rows like our winners, all losers are factored into the profit/loss figures as well as the Strike Rate values in the graph on the home/results page. The 'Number of races in so far' is clearly shown below the graph and tells you how many races have been run to this point against how many Winners we are showing.

  • Dutch Selections. This strike rate is only based on WINNING selections not those that place and include those clearly marked as Top or Dutch in the Member's Area View Selections screen. If there are Top Rated or Dutch rated selections that become non-runners, we do not promote any other runners in the ratings for either the Live Results or our published P&L. This can sometimes mean that when the original Top Rated is a non runner and the Dutch rated wins, we still only grade this as a Dutch win and not a Top Rated win (even though technically it would be the new Top rated).

Note: Although users can change the 'Going Setting' to re-evaluate the races based on a Going change, the results are reported purely on predictions based on the original Going description and exported to clients at 8.30pm the night before. For example, if the Going at Newmarket was declared as GF then changed to GS after heavy rain we would expect users to change the Going switch on the app, but we would not alter the original ratings/selections for the purpose of results-reporting or either the home page Results or our published 365 Day P&L (to maintain transparency and credibility).

We have now added another tab to the table of winners that shows the STEAMER tips/results (available to Day Pass & Annual Subscribers - all grades).  A Hot Steamer selection is part of the Steamers User Mode. This mode is a hybrid of FormGenie's originally calculated ratings and subsequent market influence. This improves our strike rate of Top Rated and Dutch rated selections and we avoid backing COLD horses (original overnight tip now relegated). A Steamer can be a promoted runner that was not part of the original FormGenie ratings as determined by our Steamers algorithm (made available at 11:00am). Winning Steamers are marked as either a RED row for Top Rated selections (that may not have been an original selection, but is now a tip by virtue of market activity) or in Brown rows that signify a Dutch selection in Steamer mode. A Red circle with the finishing position represents a Steamer status of HOT or a BROWN circle indicating a Steamer Staus of WARM. The 365 day and daily p/l reports and graphs DO NOT account for steamers, though the strike rates are even better than our regular ratings.

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