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GUARANTEE:  We obviously cannot guarantee future profits. However, if after you subscribe, you see anything in our Fast Results on the home page that differs from the selections/ratings provided or is misleading in any way (please read the 'About These Fast Results' section), we will REFUND immediately on request with no quibble. Note: In the event of rare and unintentional errors in the results feed data, we aim to correct these to 100% accuracy within 60 mins of the last race of the day. After all, it's these results that form the basis of our impressive long term profit and strike rates.

  • Gambling Regulations

    With the current very strict financial and gambling regulations we simply could not have been trading as long as we have (since 2006) if we were anything but honest and transparent. You can confirm our trading status by clicking the 'Check Rate' logo at the bottom of each page. See current P&L for Super User (all FG Top-Rated Selections Only) click here

  • The Long Game

    It's expensive gaining new customers. We don't want you just for the day or month. We want you to be with us for years. Then we're both happy.

  • We Can Prove it (use the FREE Trial before joining us)

    Before we offered the Free Trial, we used to proof our selections to the Racing Post daily between 2015 to 2020. Although they no longer offer a proofing service (because they sell their own tips) we have kept our proofing-emails and method live in order to supply you robust and conclusive proof of our selections on request. Simply email 'steve (at)' and ask for the Racing Post proof method for how this works.


All our selections and ratings used to be proofed in advance to the, but since they no longer proof 3rd party tips we have introduced a FREE TRIAL (try before you buy). This is unquestionably the best kind of proof.

Proofed To The

Before we offered the Free Trial, we used to proof our selections to the racing post daily between 2015 to 2020. Although they no longer offer a proofing service (because they sell their own tips) we have kept our proofing-emails and method live in order to supply you robust and conclusive proof of our selections on request. Simply email 'steve (at)' and ask for the Racing Post proof method for how this works.


Yes. FormGenie is now available as a Day-Pass. For a one-off payment £10 you will have full access to the program/ratings from the instant you sign up (you can then of course choose to join on a monthly subscription from just £39). Your Day-Pass licence will expire at midnight day of purchase.

You can also access the demo here.


FormGenie is available on all Smart Phones with web access. You will be given a username and password which will give you access to all user modes and selections.


There are over 11,000 UK and Irish horse races per year. That's an average in excess of 30 races per day. With as little as 2 minutes, in many instances less, between the end of one horse race and the start of the next. What possible chance do we have to study form thoroughly, make a selection based on probability versus value and place a sensible bet based on our deliberations? Virtually none if we want to be successful in the long term. FormGenie Horse Racing Software will allow you to assess, calculate and predict the probability of the race outcomes in just a few seconds. Computerised Form and Speed ratings are made available from 8:30pm the night before racing meaning you will be armed with the day's best bets in an instant. You won't need a racing paper/website subscription or any other racing supplement and you will have the confidence to bet knowing that absolutely all relevant criteria have been checked and cross-referenced for you. It is as simple as that! The other substantial advantage is that FormGenie Horseracing Software/Computerised Handicapping has no emotional consideration when making selections. Removing emotion from betting is the most important attribute to professional gambling, followed closely by knowledge and understanding value. Upgrades to FormGenie-Bot will fully automate the betting process. Not only does this save you time, but since it uses the Betfair exchange you will not suffer bookmaker knock-backs because you win too much!


In accordance with our social responsibility commitments we are unable to sate YES to this question. However, here is just some evidence that being a gambling professional is possible:

  • "Gambling on horses CAN be profitable, but only if you are patient and only bet when the odds are favourable" - Graham Sharpe of William Hill speaking on BBC Radio5 Live.

  • See the recent share collapse of Betbright and consolidation of Ladbrokes/Coral. Hit primarily by football results "not going their way", but also due to the proliferation of sophisticated form study such as FormGenie. Also, The Racing Post's feature a few years ago announcing a 21 percent collapse in the share value of leading bookmaker Paddy Power (before becoming part of Betfair) following recent results not "going our way", proves that horse race bettors can indeed gain the edge. Although they believe this was a blip in freak results, we know that FormGenie will continue this blip!


FormGenie (regular) brings computer generated handicap and speed ratings to your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone via a web-based login. So in other words FormGenie will work on all web-enabled devices.

FormGenie-Bot is an application that automates the betting process by linking our ratings to Betfair's servers and places bets based on an array of rules set by the user. This is application that is installed onto any entry level PC or MAC


We think it is important that your knowledge of Horseracing extends at least to the realms where you are aware of the fluidity of markets, the inevitable losing runs and near misses that form part of the cycle of this great sport of kings. However, in terms of FormGenie Horseracing Software working for you there is no requirement for you to understand what makes a horse a top rated selection. Or which are the best races to concentrate on. FormGenie does it all for you. In some ways it takes the fun out of it, but this is a serious betting (investment) program that is not supposed to be fun (although it is on many occasions). A username/password will present you with the day's selections via a website. These selections can be sorted/prioritised by switching User Modes (filters) The various User Modes are available to all subscribers and essentially reduces the number of daily selections to suit individual preferences.


Yes and no. FormGenie Horseracing Software will assess each UK and Irish horse race (Flat/AW and Jumps) on the day. FormGenie has 3 user modes (main filters) and once the day's racecards have been processed the software will assign each race to a hierarchical user mode (filter). The weakest selections are assigned to Extreme User mode (as the name would imply). The next strongest are assigned to Super User mode. This is the mode where we publish a daily 365 profit and loss report. After Super User we have Power User, which represents the best of the Super User selections - it is from this User Mode that we publish a daily blog - there are typically between 0 and 6 selections per day in this mode (bank holidays and Saturdays may differ due to more race meetings). Each user mode /filter is profitable based on the same simple rules of 1 pt win top rated only or 1 pt each way if 5/1 or more.


From as little as £10. For current pricing please see the Feature Matrix of the different versions available on the Buy Now page.

We believe that Semi or Professional Gambling using FormGenie Horseracing Software or similar is the ONLY way horseracing punters can make their betting pay. We also believe that we offer a truly great value-for-money solution to betting on horses that should achieve a second or for some, a primary income. The ratings program can be a conduit to a much-improved lifestyle and can also be an extremely powerful aid in controlling irrational and compulsive gambling. As such we not only want to attract serious players who understand the nuances and dynamics of gambling, but we also want to be fairly and justly remunerated for our continued devotion to and development of FormGenie. There are several versions and subscription options available including a Day-Pass, Weekends-Only or the full Daily access.

Payment methods: All major Credit Cards, PayPal or Cheque.

When you consider that to take gambling to a professional level you would need to spend at least 1-2 hours per race before making your selection, we think you would agree that professional gambling with FormGenie Horseracing Software represents extraordinary value.


You can join today from just £10 with instant activation and full access to today's racecards. Simply click here to join. Whichever subscriber level you choose you will have the same access to all User Modes. We offer full support and will answer any queries you have almost immediately:


Free Phone: 0800 2425221 (mobile charges may apply depending on your provider)

Instant download and activation of the FREE DEMO or when clicking the Buy Now option.


Think of the user modes as preset filters. The function of the various User Modes (filters) is to regulate the sheer number of races to be rated. You simply use these preset filters to control the number of selections to concentrate on. The fact that Extreme User mode (the most basic filter showing every single race) shows a long term profit (12 months) analysing and making predictions on over 11000 selections is an excellent guide to the potential of the other user modes (filters). Once the day's racecards have been processed the software will assign each race to a nested hierarchical user mode (each race subjected to the preset filtering). The weakest selections are included in Extreme User mode (as the name would imply) simply because there has to be a top-rated by default even if it does not merit a bet. Even this mode has a remarkable 33% strike rate for Top Rated only. The next strongest are assigned to Super User mode. This is the mode where we publish a daily 365 profit and loss report. After Super User we have Power User which represents the best of the Super User selections - it is from this User Mode that we publish a daily results blog - there are typically between 0 and 6 selections per day in this mode (bank holidays and Saturdays may differ due to more race meetings). It is important to realise that all Power User selections can also be found in Super User mode, but not all Super User selections can be found in Power User mode.


The only staking plans or strategies we advise are below and apply to whichever user mode is selected.

For Top Rated Only:

1pt win up to 5/1 or 1 pt e/w if 5/1 or more on each selection marked as Top (so an each way bet would require 2 pts).

For Dutching:

When Dutching we advocate a very simple level stake (1pt) on each selection marked as Top or Dutch regardless of their odds. (Note: We will be changing the name of this plan as it means different things to different people).

On the face of it seems counter-intuitive to include a 7/4 shot when backing 3 horses in the same race. Whilst I'm sure some of our subscribers set their own minimum odds parameters for this plan, the reason we advocate a "regardless of odds" strategy is that we believe in keeping staking systems simple, transparent and non-convoluted. The less rules and "thinking" required the more sustainable the plan. Though it may well be the case the staking plan can be improved upon, too many rules would indicate the selection method is flawed from outset. Also, our findings over the long term, show that when the shorter priced selection wins it is "contribution to costs". Even though what we are hoping for is the biggest priced selection to win, which they do often enough (you will see our unique ratings provide many big-priced winners - not just 2nd and 3rd favs). Strangely, it can help mentally just getting a return on an event even if it is loss-making.

For Lays:

Up until June 2016, FormGenie would advise Laying qualifiers at up to 3.8. However, unlike our impressive Win strike rates for Top Rated (and Dutch), we struggled making a worthwhile profit with our Lays . We have come to realise it's not as simple laying horses just because there are some negatives about the horse or a low FormGenie rating has been calculated. It is also about the price offered and poor value. This presents us with a different and fluid opportunity and strategy (see Dynamic Mode below).

As such we now advise that laying with FormGenie can only be done in conjunction with our FormGenie-Bot (only available to Gold members) where automated discovery of suitable Lays based on current live odds versus FormGenie calculated odds can easily be achieved.

Dynamic Mode:

What is Dynamic Mode?

Essentially this is where FormGenie algorithms have determined a realistic True-Odds or 'Target Odds' value and displayed it in the bottom row of each runners details. The idea being to only Back if you can match the Target Odds or Lay if you cannot match. We have also linked the Live Odds feed to this area with a green tick to indicate where current best odds match or exceed our Target Odds to save you having to check (this excludes BetFair at the moment, but we are aiming to bring this online soon). Over time you will be backing good value horses and laying poor value selections.


For our Regular Users (i.e not using the FormGenie-Bot) our stats show that a comfortable bank of 100 x stake is required (150 for Dutch Mode). Losing runs are inevitable and the only way to cope, both mentally and financially is to have a sufficient bank.

For our FormGenie-Bot clients there is more detail on this in the Bot section.


Ussing extreme user mode (i.e ALL RACES) the Strike Rate for our Top Rated to win or place (at 5/1) is a stunning 37% over the last 11,500 races with no filtering for odds ranges and including every single UK & Irish race (i.e. no filter applied). This rises to and 53% + when Dutching, which is for WIN only. These figures are even better if using Power User mode.

See results here:

Note that the similarity in user mode strike rates is due to an explicable statistical anomaly. Firstly the Power User selections are rightly deemed to be stronger than Super User selections, which is why there are much fewer opportunities in this mode. As such you would expect the strike rate to reflect this. The fact that it doesn't is due to the Strike Rate in our reports referring to betting returns that are not negative. For example, a top rated selection that finishes 2nd at 5/1 would be a break-even bet at each way (if the race was 5th odds a place). This would be recorded in our reports as a "winning" bet thus boosting the strike rate (but not increasing profit). However, when the same reporting parameters are applied to Power User mode there are fewer each-way opportunities (because the market determines these to be stronger selections and therefore the odds are shorter). Consequently there are more "outright winners" included in the strike rate for Power User mode.


Yes. Whether you choose Bronze, Silver or Gold you will get exactly the same selections and rankings along with access to the same User Modes. The key difference between the Subscription grades is the morning update times i.e. 6.30AM for Gold, 9.30 AM for Silver and 10.30 for Bronze. (Note that Gold Annual subscribers get selections from 8.30pm the night before racing. This means that Gold subscribers often get first dibs on best Odds).

FormGenie-Bot users (Gold monthly or annually) have access to a routine that automatically substitutes non-runners by promoting the next ranked.


The Weekender is only for access from 6:30am on Saturdays & Sundays. Its aimed at users who don’t require the service on weekdays. It doesn’t include the Bot, but the annual edition does include Steamers. Available as a 3 month option or Annual. If looking to change your plan/current subscription then to see how your unused days affect the price you pay, you should be able to click the upgrade/buy option once logged in for a calculation.


No. This is because the Betfair approved FormGenie bot integrates with the Betfair Exchange (unlike BetFair Sportsbook and conventional bookmakers) and Betfair make their money from commission on the race, so it doesn't matter to them which horse wins. It's not their own money at risk. They are just facilitating a betting transaction between you and an anonymous punter with a differing opinion.  When we win, we are winning from this losing punter (actually many punters simultaneously with the same losing opinion, but with various amounts of their own money staked) and you pay Betfair a small commission on the winning bets. So, essentially, they just want more punters adding liquidity to each market, event or race as they are guaranteed commission whatever the results. So there is no need to ban anyone. 


We launched FormGenie way back in 2006 because we struggled to get our own bets on. This wouldn't be a problem if we could just use the exchanges. However, maximising FormGenie means not relying solely on Betfair (unless using FormGenie-Bot) and there is a need to use conventional bookmakers too. This is the reason for the necessity to licence (not sell) the program. Quite simply it is a question of mathematics and logistics. The math tells us that we can make £10,000's each year by betting on all Top Rated selections forecast by FormGenie. However, as any semi/professional gambler will attest, betting logistics mean you simply cannot "get on" with a tconventional bookmaker to appropriate stakes once you have built up a positive history. Even if our accounts were not closed (some remained open to gather intelligence), it was not uncommon for us to have our requested stakes reduced (knock-backed) by 75%, even for amounts as low as £50 (a large stake for most, but just to illustrate a point), with the remaining stake "generously" offered SP. (FormGenie will not make a profit at SP due to most selections shortening drastically) Try it for yourself this Saturday, by requesting £50 on the Racing Post's Pricewise selection at the advertised price (just ask - call them instead of trying online - you don't have to place the bet). Maybe the first few times you ask they will accommodate you, but when you win and beat the SP regularly (80% of FormGenie selections will contract in price), you will not be able to sustain "reasonable" sized bet on your selections. In their defence they are businesses and not a charity.

What about Betfair? Granted, this leading betting exchange can at many times be a successful gambler's saviour, but not always and don't be fooled by the inflated odds advertised on comparison grids as these are often to small stakes (indeed we exclude exchange odds in our published profit and loss reports precisely so we don't mislead you with inflated odds that would favourably distort our claims). Licensing FormGenie is the only way we can maximise a deserved revenue from this amazing Horse Racing Prediction Program.


Reason 1a

Unlike FormGenie, all of the above racing properties survive purely and inextricably with advertising and affiliate revenue from the bookmaking industry (although Racing UK has a subscription model). It must surely be impossible for these publications (with regarding their tipping service) to satisfy both their users and paymasters. If the FREE tipping side of their offering is so good they would surely lose the bookmakers money. So why would bookmakers continue to give them millions of pounds? The answer can only be that you will not make money regularly backing tips from these providers.

Reason 1b

Ask yourself what is behind the "premium content" buttons on RacingPost and Timeform? Why is it you have to pay to find out? Are there different tips/selections available to paid subscribers and if so WHY? There is no such thing as a FREE lunch.

Reason 1c

None of of these 'FREE' tipping services offer up a profit/loss account like we do. None of these 'Free' tipping services display their selections/winners as live results like we do at FormGenie. Ask yourself why? Worse still, is that you never see the PREMIUM version of these big-brand services offer up profit/loss live results like we do.

Reason 2

The above racing media properties have tens of thousands of users. When just a small percentage of them follow their free tips service there can be no value in the odds of those horses since they are all over-bet. So the strike rate would have to be phenomenal to return a profit. FormGenie however, has a vastly smaller userbase comparatively and as such our selections will more often than not represent better value (naturally there will be cross-over horses where we top rate the same as the others).

To win at betting on horses you need to be ahead of the markets and not be a lemming. With FormGenie, more often than not, you will be ahead of the game and before the 'wisdom of the crowd' has caught up.

Reason 3

Unlike the fore mentioned, FormGenie allows the user to re-assess the ratings/selections should there be a change in the going. The top-rated on Good To Firm will almost certainly not be the same top-rated on Good To Soft.

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