Betting Strategies and User Modes

For our regular users the only staking plans or strategies we advise are below and apply to whichever user mode is selected and whether you are using Steamers (for annual subscribers) or not.

Note: This section does not apply to FormGenie-Bot users using recovery / dutch equalise settings.

Choose one of these two strategies:

Top Rated Only:

1 point Win up to 5/1 (6.0) or 1 point E/W (win and place) if 5/1 (6.0) or greater on each selection marked as Top (so an e/w bet would require 2 points).
What is a point? For example, if your regular bet is £5 then 1 point = £5 for you.
Note the bets are to the price available to you at the time of you striking the bet. Not the forecast odds. The prices/odds can be offered by both conventional bookmakers or the betting exchanges (Betfair or Betdaq). It doesn't matter which just as long as you always seek out the best odds available to you. Please note there can be a lag on the prices we show on our comparison grids to what is actually available live. Bank requirement is 50 x Stakes.


When Dutching we advocate a very simple level stake (1pt) Win on each selection marked as Top or Dutch regardless of their odds. (Note: Do not back each way if Dutching).
It's easy to see which are the qualifying horses as they are clearly marked as Top or Dutch. Broadly you can expect: 

FormGenie top 2 rated up to 6 runners, top 3 rated up to 14 runners, top 4 rated when 15 or more runners
All Flat/AW and Jump races are included.

On the face of it seems counter-intuitive to include a 7/4 shot when backing 3 horses in the same race. Whilst I'm sure some of our subscribers set their own minimum odds parameters for this plan, the reason we advocate a "regardless of odds" strategy is that we believe in keeping staking systems simple, transparent and non-convoluted. The less rules and "thinking" required the more sustainable the plan. Though it may well be the case the staking plan can be improved upon, too many rules would indicate the selection method is flawed from outset. Also, our findings over the long term, show that when the shorter priced selection wins it is "contribution to costs". Even though what we are hoping for is the biggest priced selection to win, which they do often enough (you will see our unique ratings provide many big-priced winners - not just 2nd and 3rd favs). Interestingly, it can help mentally just getting a return on an event even if it is loss-making.

For Lays: (Best suited to FormGenie-Bot users)

FormGenie used to mark certain runners as a LAY . These LAYs were fairly infrequent and up until now we used to only advise laying at up to a max price of 3.8. However, we have come to realise it's not as simple laying runners just because there are some negatives about the horse or a low FG rating has been calculated. It is also about the price offered and poor value. This presents us with a different and fluid opportunity and strategy (see Dynamic Mode below). Bank requirement is 150 x Stakes.

Dynamic Mode:

What is Dynamic Mode?
Essentially this is where FormGenie algorithms have calculated a True-Odds or ‘Target Odds’ value and displayed it in the bottom row of each runners details. The concept is to Lay those runners not marked as Top or Dutch (we already know that these selections will win at least 50% of the time so NO POINT laying these at any price) and are trading below the Target Odds (to see these other runners you need to change the centre toggle from 'Top/Dutch' to 'All'). We have linked the Live Odds feed to this area with a ‘Green tick to indicate where current best odds match or exceed FormGenie Target Odds or a ‘Red cross where the horse is trading below. Over time you will be backing good value horses and laying poor value selections.

Note: Both this LAY feature and Dutching is particularly useful when using our new FormGenie-Bot (FREE with Gold Annual Subscriptions and approved by Betfair for use exclusively on the exchange).

FormGenie Bot: Set, Bet and Forget | FREE with Gold Annual Subscriptions.

FormGenie Bot: Set, Bet and Forget | FREE with Gold Annual Subscriptions.

For more information we have uploaded a user manual for FormGenie-Bot here: FormGenie-Bot Features and Help

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