Fast Results

We try to be completely transparent with our reporting. As such, these daily results are from the Extreme User Mode where every UK and Irish race is rated by the program without any extra filtering (excluding Steamers Mode) as supplied to members at 6:30 AM without editing or manipulation and using the originally declared Going. Users may select other User Modes or Star-confidence to reduce the number of races analysed to improve strike rates further. Our recorded odds exclude Betfair (for reasons explained elsewhere). A limitation of our fast results feed means that, whilst different to our 365 day reports, non runners are not deducted and as such occasionally the each way SR may be incorrect. Odds quoted may exclude R4s.

BetFair SP is likely to be on average 15% greater than industry SP.

Note the industry forecast prices. You can see how often they are completely out of kilter with the actual market prices and note how well supported FormGenie selections are whether, Top Rated or Dutch Rated. The disparity between forecast odds and SP for our winning selections is further evidence of the accuracy and power of our computerised ratings.

Proofed To The

We have been proofing our selections to the racing post since 2015. As such, we are able to supply you conclusive proof of our selections on request.

The unambiguous selections are ranked and clearly indicated in just a few seconds with an incredible strike rate of both "Top-Rated" only and "Dutching". Note the strike rate for Top-Rated Only' is calculated using the number of Top-Rated selections that win (or place at 5/1+ best prices), whereas the Strike Rate for Dutching is where the indicated Top or Dutch Rated wins (not just places). Both are betting systems proven over many years and results published every day.

Although users can change the "going setting" to re-evaluate the runners based on a going change, these results are based purely on the original going description exported with the declarations file. For example, if the going at Newmarket was declared as GF then changed to GS after heavy rain we would expect users to change the going switch on the app, but we would not alter the original ratings/selections for the purpose of this reporting (to maintain transparency and credibility).


Steamer Mode Results Key

Results Key


See this section on our Dutching Strategy

Actual FormGenie Predicted Winners

All User Modes (no filters). Gold Annual subscribers viewed selections from 8.30 the night before racing!

Time Horse Course Forecast OddsFCast Best Odds Starting PriceSP Result


The Top-Rated Selection (inc placed if 5/1 or more)
The Dutch Selection* (2 selections up to 6 runners, 3 selections up to 14 runners, 4 selections when 15+ runners)
Original Top-Rated, but is NonRunner
Hot-Steamer Selection**

* For the purposes of our charts, strike rates and P/L figures, if an original Dutch or Top-Rated selection is a NonRunner we do NOT include promoted horses or Steamers. It simply means we have 1 less running for us when calculating our P/L.

** A Hot Steamer selection is part of the Steamers User Mode. This is a hybrid of FormGenie's originally calculated ratings and subsequent market influence. This improves our strike rate of Top Rated and Dutch rated selections and we avoid backing COLD horses. A Steamer can be a promoted runner that was not part of the original FormGenie ratings as determined by our Steamers algorithm (made available at 11:00am). Read more about Steamers Mode

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